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Fannie Mae info links NOTE ON FANNIE  MAE LINKS - if it does not work, just google the document name  as the documents sometimes get moved to a new address

Collateral Underwriter links - census tracts and Fannie webinars etc.
- Census tract maps: go to http://www.huduser.org/qct/qctmap.html  and type in an address. In some areas census tracts are way out of date due to new construction.
- Fannie webinars and other info: www.fanniemae.com/singlefamily/collateral-underwriter 

 Fannie Mae APPRAISER info is at https://www.efanniemae.com/is/appraisers/index.jsp?from=hp

Fannie Mae UAD page - https://www.efanniemae.com/sf/lqi/umdp/uad/index.jsp

Changes to Fannie Selling Guide: NEW 4/14 Appraisals are in B4
Link to summary:

Link to new Web based documents:
https://www.fanniemae.com/content/guide/selling/index.html Appraisals are in B4

Fannie on rural appraising - 3 pages but some good clarifications such as distance from subject.



Where to get FHA information


- FHA has some good appraisal webcasts at http://www.hud.gov/webcasts/archives/sinfamily.cfm

FHA links

- FHA appraisers’ home page - Go here for all your questions!!

- Main FHA link for documents, handbooks, updates, etc. -
http://www.hud.gov/offices/adm/hudclips/index.cfm  . Read the Manual 4150.2 and mortgagee letters 2005-34 and 2005-48, for details. Appraisers should review the "valuation protocol" found in Appendix D of Handbook 4150.2. Search for the documents by number.

Where to get help from other appraisers
www.appraisersforum.com chat board has lots of postings in the FHA/HUD and VA section. An
excellent resource.

 Appraisal Biz Tip


For 59 other marketing tips, go to 59 Ways to Market your appraisal services. 
Resources on this web site: Our appraiser marketing and business info products, Business tips/articles, and Our favorite marketing and business books.

 Appraisal Joke

Humorous Limiting Conditions and Assumptions
Here's a sample: The person or persons writing this assumes no responsibility for anything environmental and, in fact, the person writing this has never driven a car. 

A new appraisal term - incomparable sales.
For more humor, go to the Humor Page!


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